Send Us Your Secrets

Be a part of the Bowls Project: Send us a secret! Here’s how:

  1. Just call our toll-free number: 1-800-420-4459 and share your secret via phone.
  2. Record a video, use your webcam or other camera. Then either
    • post your video anywhere online; send us a link; and we’ll repost here.
    • Wanna record a video but stay anonymous?  Use a mask!
  3. Email a sound file to us. You can record your own mp3 file and email it to us at share[at]thebowlsproject[dot]com
  4. In San Francisco? Visit The Dome at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts July 6 – August 22, 2010.

We particularly want to be let in on your secrets of the home—serious, silly, disturbing, domestic, or all of the above.

Why do we need your secret?

The Bowls Project is an immersive music performance and interactive sound installation experienced within a timbrel-vaulted dome.  Its elements include music performance with live video “inscriptions,” individual secret-sharing, community and personal ritual participation and hands-on workshops.  The dome contains an easy-to-use MP3 recorder where anyone can anonymously record their own “secrets of the home.” Each secret is saved as a sound file. Harvested daily by Charming Hostess and integrated into an evolving soundscape, audible in the pillows throughout the dome. Dome secrets are combined with secrets from this blog and from The Bowls toll free number: 1-800-420-4459. The shared contemporary secrets sonically inscribe this dome in the same way that the ancient secrets inscribed the demon bowls.  The new and old secrets come together in the evening’s performance, reinforcing the dialogic nature of this work.